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Top 10 Online Food Delivery Systems

Last updated 16-05-2021

The days of calling into a restaurant to speak to a rude host are finally over. Situations of constantly being put on hold or having to comp ......

Top 10 Online Learning Portals

Last updated 16-05-2021

Online learning platforms have not just been a necessity but a compulsion in this modern era. The recent corona-virus pandemic has just fuel ......

Top 10 Vegan Restaurants

Last updated 16-05-2021

Veganism is a recent movement and culture that is gaining popularity in Nepal on a daily basis. This approach encourages the prevention of a ......

Top 10 Multiplexes

Last updated 16-05-2021

Entertainment has surely become one of the inseparable big part of our everyday regime. It has influenced all the generation of people of to ......

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The Everest List is a subsidiary of DWIT News, a registered media firm based in Siphal, Kathmandu. The Everest List is a project aimed at compiling definitive rankings of various entities in Nepal. Our rating methodology is largely focused on primary and secondary data collection. It is based on voting and/or surveys. The methodology behind ranking is based on comparisons of various topics based on the same criteria.